Game Board

tabelloneFrom this page you can download and print the Gameboard in PDF.

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How to build it

All it takes is scissors, glue, and a little bit of skill.

  1. Let’s begin putting all the pages in a row as they have come form the printer
  2. Cut the withe edges from the top and the left margins.
  3. Then each sheet has a tab on the bottom and on the right. Put the glue on this tab and then match the pages as if  they were pieces of a mosaic. (As in the picture above).
  4. When you built the whole board (3×3), cut the white tab that remains, then let the glue dry and after soon you can refold the gameboard.


Usefull to keep  count of the level of the players, that’s scoreboard in six different colors. They have a sliding box that idicates the level you are.

They are to be printed, pasted on cardboard and cut.


(Click here to download the scoreboard in PDF)

Below you can see how they will be once finished:


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