This is the website of the Independent Collectible Card Game Sottomondo, inspired to the massive multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) Underworld Online, aka. Sottomondo

This game was created by Francesco Bosi ([email protected]) and Cristiano Leoni ([email protected])

Pictures and graphics are mostly originally produced by The Fantasy Art Project with contributions from others, as credited in the cards themselves and on this page.

The download of the game prototype and its use in family context, and non-commercial contexts. Any other use, such as distribution/copy on other servers and deployment or commercial purposes is forbidden, for this a written permission from the authors is required.

This is a personal site, and has no other purpose than project self-sustain.


  • Most of the pictures used in the game and on this site have been provided by our partner Fantasy Art, and most of them are available as quality prints from crisphotos.DeviantArt.com/gallery. By buying these prints you are helping this project to self sustain.
  • The remiaining multimedia files used in the game and this website have been gathered from the Internet in contexts where they appeared they could be used for free.
  • We make all possible efforts to produce and acquire the graphics we use. If you happen to find a work that you own and you want either we stop using them, or we give you credits on this page, just contact us and we will be happy to accomplish.


Web Development

This website was developed by Sviluppo Siti Web Bologna



Full credits about the models and whoever has collaborated in the production of the pictures can be found on the Info Page of the Fantasy Art Project